"Reflections" Monthly Bulletin

In our regular bulletins we address items of relevance to current and future Retirees and provide tips on Career-Transitioning that may be useful to Redundees.


The forthcoming holiday season might finally provide you with some much needed quiet time to reflect on the year gone past and to make some plans for the future.

If retirement is on your mind, it may be the ideal time to not only think about the financial aspects of such a change but also to imagine how it would feel to be free, what you could do in the short term and what you could do to ensure that your life remains interesting and meaningful for many years to come.

There are endless options of how to best structure your retirement. However, evaluating and prioritising them can be challenging and overwhelming. If this concerns you, why not call me today on 0407 979 948 or contact us to organise an initial private session to help you gain clarity and to work out a practical approach that prepares you well for your next stage in life.

I look forward to working with you in 2016 and wish you all an enjoyable and safe Festive Season.

Kindest regards
Gabriele Kronberger